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Quiksilver 30 years of mountain and waves company!
Quiksilver Clothing is based in Huntington Beach, California. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of surfwear and other boardsport-related equipment. Its logo consists of a large wave with a mountain on a red background. This was designed by the company founder Alan Green.

Quiksilver is passionate about surfing and the board sports lifestyle. Quiksilver clothing feels to build a brand you need to have a product you believe in. We have to be passionate about protecting the core of all action sports. That's what drives their support of our core board sports shops. Quiksilver focuses on supporting agencies that support kids, ocean, science, education and the environment. Quiksilver clothing believes that educating our kids about caring for their planet is one of their major goals.

Quiksilver is a $2.5 billion company. They still operate like a nimble little family company. Quiksilver clothing is proud of the generations working within the company and how kids grow up and become so important to our company. Quiksilver is proud of the fact that we support the true legends of our sports: Wayne Lynch, Jeff Hakman, and Mark Richards, to name a few. And that's what this company is really about.

Quiksilver clothings mission is to build a brand centered on an action sport lifestyle. The brand feels that while they continue to grow; they still need to be committed to their core values. The board riding culture and industry that Quiksilver helped create now influences all facets of life: fashion, sport, music, cinema, television, food, language, art, design and style. They are not just proud of Quiksilver clothing, they are proud of the whole industry they've helped create.

Quiksilver clothing is a big part of the Konasports business. That is why Quiksilver and Konasports have partnered up to bring you their entire hot line of products. Since the beginning Quiksilver has been the foundation of the action sports industry. They are constantly striving to be better and to bring the clothing industry to a whole new level. Examples of the categories that Konasports sells: Quiksilver clothing, Quiksilver boardshorts, Quiksilver mens clothes, Quiksilver clothes, Quiksilver guys. Learn more about Quiksilver here!