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O’Neill wetsuits started sometime around 1952, when Jack O’Neill opened the first surf shop in a garage across the great highway. He shaped a few balsa surfboards and sold accessories like paraffin wax and a few vests he started gluing together from neoprene. When the vests started selling, Jack decided to go into the Swimwear business and made O’Neill wetsuits, O’Neill boardshorts along with the O’Neill Clothing line. From there O’Neill dominated the world's wetsuit market and is one of the leaders in beach lifestyle clothing across the globe. The brand now has a complete arsenal of men’s O’Neill clothing, women’s O’Neill Clothing and kids O’Neill Clothing. If you are in the market for high quality name driven apparel, the O’Neill brand will cover your body from head to toe with rubber skins that stretch like flubber, zipper less full-body envelopes insulating the wearer against extreme water temperatures, tough, long-lasting O’Neill Clothing!

The O’Neill Clothing line has perfected and crafted better clothing each year. While O’Neill is better known for their wetsuits; their O’Neill Swimwear line has taken their company to a new level. Some of the categories include: sweat shirts, rash guards, O’Neill wetsuits, board shorts, hats, t-shirts, walk shorts, polo’s, tank tops, bikinis, dresses, skirts and plenty of accessories to compliment the apparel. O’Neill has continued to develop lines for the beach lifestyle, so innovation and growth has fueled their present and future success.

O’Neill Boardshorts was designed and created by 1980. The O'Neill surf shop had propelled its way into a booming company, dominating the world's wetsuit market. While they specialized in ONeill wetsuits, they are also were credited with making solid designed O’Neill Boardshorts. The O’Neill Boardshorts are offered for men, women and children. The O’Neill Boardshorts supplied additional safety and coverage while surfing. The main reason for O’Neill boardshorts was a result from their structure. The men’s O’Neill Boardshorts are made from durable materials like dry flex, ultra suede, techs retch and speed dry nylon. The women's O’Neill Boardshorts are made with dynasuede. The kid’s O’Neill boardshorts are constructed the same as the men’s. These materials give the buyer the strongest materials, with minimum loss of style. The O’Neill Boardshorts branch of their company continues to strive to innovate and develop new boardshorts for the next generation. For more information on O'Neill vist their website.

The O’Neill Clothing line at Konasports is a huge part of our lifestyle. We are located two blocks from the surf and understand the surf lifestyle. We bring you the hottest O’Neill Swimwear and O’Neill Boardshorts, so you are ready to take on the surf. We strive to expand the Kona style, so being affiliated with O’Neill Clothing and following their model to beat perfection is our goal.

Samples of some of the categories we stock include: O'Neill Mens, O'Neill Women's, O'Neill Guys, O'Neill Girls, O'Neill Kids, O'Neill Boys, O'Neill Swimwear, O'Neill Swimsuit, O'Neill Bikini, O'Neill Hats, O'Neill Shorts, O'Neill Backpacks, O'Neill Clothing, O'Neill Clothes. The products that Konasports stock from Lost are: lost clothing, lost enterprises, lost clothes, lost boardshorts, lost hats, lost t shirts, lost mens, lost womens, lost boys, lost kids.